DSPS Updating MED 1

The Department of Safety and Professional Services recently submitted a scope statement to the Governor requesting permission to update MED 1, which dictates the licensure requirements to practice medicine and surgery in Wisconsin, to reflect changes implemented by legislation related to the licensing exam passed during the 2013 session.

The following explanation is provided by DSPS:

Pursuant to the enactment of 2013 Wisconsin Act 114, the Department of Safety and Professional Services and its attached boards may no longer require any person applying for professional licensure to complete their postsecondary education prior to being eligible to take an examination for a credential. In accordance with this legislation, the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board must allow applicants for physician licensure to take their credentialing exam before completing their postsecondary education. The proposed rule will implement this change by amending Wis. Admin. Code ch. Med 1.