Governor Walker Signs PT Bill Into Law

Governor Walker has signed Assembly Bill 549, which allows physical therapists to order x-rays, into law as 2015 Wisconsin Act 375. 

Below is an article from today’s Wisconsin Health News:

Walker approves bill allowing physical therapists to order X-rays

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill into law Monday that will allow physical therapists to order X-rays under certain criteria rather than having to go through another healthcare provider.

To order X-rays, physical therapists will have to communicate with the patient's primary care physician or other appropriate provider to coordinate care, unless a radiologist reads the X-ray and doesn't identify a significant finding.

They also don't have to talk to a physician if the patient was not referred by a healthcare practitioner or if the patient doesn't have a primary care doctor.

The bill was supported by the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association, but opposed by the Wisconsin Medical Society, Wisconsin Radiological Society and others.