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RADPAC is the bipartisan, multicandidate political action committee of the American College of Radiology Association (ACRa).

RADPAC’s goal is to support and elect pro-radiology candidates at the federal level through the voluntary contributions of dues-paying ACRa members.

RADPAC only engages in federal election activity and these activities are governed by the Federal Election Commission.

In order for the College’s interests to be represented on Capitol Hill among the many competing physician specialty organizations, it is imperative that RADPAC remain competitive with the amount of funds it raises in order to get access to members of Congress. 

Visit www.RADPAC.org for more information and to contribute.

Wisconsin 2016

Fundraising efforts from Wisconsin Radiological Society members were dramatically improved in 2016 compared to past efforts.  Highlights include:

  • 103 members contributed individually, representing 21% of total state ACR members
  • The cumulative amount of $40,047.62 contributed in 2016 was a significant increase from 2015 ($25,058.53). This was the second highest year over year dollar increase of all state chapters.
  • The WRS earned $500.00 for winning the 2016 annual March Madness campaign.
  • We had a total of 4 outstanding group practices (100% members contributing). Only California, North Carolina, and Tennessee had more in 2016.
  • Members of groups in Madison hosted a visit from RADPAC Director Ted Burnes.

WRS accepting a check from RADPAC during the 2016 March Madness Campaign. 

Left to right: Lynn S Broderick, MD, FACR, W Dennis Foley, MD, FACR, Timothy A Bernauer, MD, FACR, Peter S Hanson, MD, Tyler M Prout, MD, Paul J Grebe, MD, FACR, Joseph J Budovec, MD, Gregg A Bogost, MD, FACR and Susan L Rebsamen, MD, FACR. 

Outstanding Group Practices 2016

Madison Radiologists, S.C.       Madison, WI
Medical X-Ray Consultants, Ltd.       Eau Claire, WI
Radiology Associates of Appleton       Appleton, WI
University of Wisconsin Community Radiologist Division        Madison, WI


2016 RADPAC Video

Check out the 2016 RADPAC video that highlights the latest activity and issues!

Contact Information

505 9th Street, N.W.
Suite 910
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 888-295-8843
Fax: 703-262-9312

Ted Burnes, Director

Laura Henry, Administrator 

Timothy Bernauer, MD FACR, RADPAC Advisory Counsilor