Doctor Day 2018

The 2018 Doctor’s Day took place on January 30, 2018 and was attended by Dr. Paul Larson, member in training Dr. Jeannine Ruby, and Dr. Susan Rebsamen, current WRS President, all decked out in our “whites.”  The included picture was taken in the WI State Assembly room. Each participant met with their elected state representatives and/or senators to discuss current legislative agendas which would potentially affect health care in the state of WI. Topics included Network Adequacy, an issue that will impact Radiology including issues and legislation surrounding the concept of “surprise billing.” Other topics included Nurses and Collaboration with Physicians (maintaining the current law requiring a strong collaborative relationship between a certified nurse midwife and a physician), Worker’s Compensation (in support of the highly successful WI worker’s compensation system, preventing an unfair fee schedule from being imposed), H.O.P.E. (focused on fighting opioid and other drug abuse), as well as Opposition to Assembly Bill 260 (which attempted to prevent the Interscholastic Athletic Association from requiring a comprehensive physical exam be performed by a physician, initially supported by a state chiropractic group to gain access to these exams).

The following links will take the reader to informational material on each legislative topic. 

Assembly Bill 260 and Pre-Participation Examinations 

Health Plan Network Adequacy and Surprise Coverage Gaps

Opioids: Governor’s Task Forceon Opioid Abuse Recommendations 

Protect Moms and Kids: Nurse Midwives andthe Collaborative Agreements with Physicians

Worker’s Compensation Fee Schedule:A Bad Idea for a Non-Problem

Doctor's Day, a Resident's Perspective:

See one, do one, teach one: 
these principles were applied first- hand to political advocacy during the Wisconsin Medical Society's annual Doctor Day on January 30, 2018. The energy at the Monona Terrace was palpable as hundreds of physicians and medical students from around the state of Wisconsin gathered for a medico-legal update and legislative issue briefing. This was my first time attending Doctor Day, so I didn't know what to expect. I found the morning legislative issue briefing to be particularly useful, as it highlighted the talking points we should emphasize while meeting with our local legislators. I was also grateful for the Doctor Day app, which afforded easy access to the "Issue Papers" for each of the five priority issues for the day.

The highlight of the day was meeting with my WI Representative (District 77), Terese Berceau, and with one of the staffers for my WI Senator (District 26), Fred Risser. Before meeting with the legislators, Dr. Michele Brogunier mentored me on what to expect and how to present my chosen priority issue with clarity and effectiveness. Both by observing her actions and words, and then through putting her teaching to practice by pitching the priority issue in person in both meetings, I was able to put my new knowledge to the test. Next year, I am confident I will be ready to teach someone else how to advocate on behalf of physicians.

Results from our efforts during Doctor Day are already evident: One of our priority issues, asking the State Senate to amend an Assembly Bill to preserve legislation requiring comprehensive pre-participation physical exams for the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association be performed under physician supervision, was successfully amended by the State Senate.

Jeannine Ruby, MD
Radiology Resident at University of Wisconsin Madison