ACR Application for Membership

The Chapter adopts the centralized membership system of the College whereby The American College of Radiology (ACR) sends both the ACR and Wisconsin chapter applications to the prospective member. Visit the ACR membership services page for more information.

Joining the ACR within all categories of membership, except members-in-training and retired members, involves the following: 

Step 1: Complete an ACR Application Form
Complete the appropriate application form, available on the right side of this page. 

If you are completing a General Member Application or an Allied Health Member Application, you will be required to join a chapter unless you are a full-time U.S. Public Health Service employee or are active-duty U.S. military. 

Step 2: Pay Your Membership Dues
If you are completing a U.S. or Canadian Member-in-Training Application, your ACR membership is complimentary.

If you are completing the Allied Health Member Application and are applying under the “Other” category, please do not submit any membership dues at this time. Once your membership application has been approved by the Commission on Membership and Communications, you will be sent a letter with an invoice for membership dues owed.

Otherwise, please see the dues information below. 

ACR Dues
Active (Board certified) $900
Associate (not Board certified) $900
International Member $355
Allied Health/MRI Scientists $240
International Member-in-Training $125

Physician Members: 

  • 1st year out of training $70
  • 2nd year of out of training $240
  • 3rd year out of training $360
  • 4th year out of training $570

Physicist Members:

  • 1st year out of training $60
  • 2nd year of out of training $90
  • 3rd year out of training $145
  • 4th year out of training $240

Medical Student - Free
Members-In-Training (Residents, Radiology-Related Fellows not yet in practice) - Free

WRS Dues
Physicans $200
Medical Physicist $80
Allied Health $0
Military $175

  • 1st year out of training $13
  • 2nd year out of training $42
  • 3rd year out of training $63 

You may write one check made payable to the ACR for your ACR and Wisconsin Chapter membership dues and include that payment with your application form. Or, if you prefer to pay your dues by MasterCard, Visa or American Express, and/or to receive a discount, please contact the Membership Services Department at 1-800-347-7748, Monday through Friday, between 8:30am–5pm ET.

If you have any further questions email