Governor Evers Takes Action on Senate Bills

03/22/2024 4:15 PM | Anonymous
Graduate Medical Education: Governor Evers signed Senate Bill 643 into law as 2023 Wisconsin Act 185. Act 185 makes updates to the graduate medical training grant program. This includes eliminating the current $225,000 cap on grants. It also requires DHS to award a grant to a hospital that received one in the previous year without requiring them to reapply, as long as they still meet the eligibility requirements. It also creates a new, $375,000 grant program for graduate medical training consortia.

International Physician Provisional License: Governor Evers signed Assembly Bill 954 into law as 2023 Wisconsin Act 214. Act 214 creates a provisional license to practice medicine for international physicians who meet specific criteria. An international physician with a provisional license would be required to work under the supervision of a physician who is licensed to practice in Wisconsin. Every 6 months, a provisional license holder would need to submit a report to the MEB. A provisional license will be converted to a permanent license after the international physician has worked full-time in Wisconsin for three consecutive years. 

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